Monitor the online activity of thousands of businesses.
For businesses with two or more locations, tap into listings, review, and Google My Business to pinpoint your best and worst performers.
Explore your most important brand data all in one place.
Get a big picture across all your businesses with our multi-location data insights. With data pulled from analytics providers, such as Facebook and Google, and our own products, such as Listings and Reputation Management, you’ll see everything that’s happening down to the individual location.
Find out which locations are performing the best.

Shine a spotlight on any number of your locations with a variety of filters. Sort the data by any criteria you want and pivot by source, so you can see which business locations stand out for better or worse.

Take control with simplified workflow management.

Managing the reviews and listings for your locations is crucial to building a strong brand. With our multi-platform dashboard, handling these workflows has never been easier. With the information collected into a single stream, you’ll be able to respond to reviews, correct listings, and so much more, all from one place.

Understand the big picture with multi-location reporting.

Show proof of performance with our in-depth multi-location reporting. By integrating with sources such as Google My Business, you can analyze the data you find important, including website traffic trends, goal conversions, and page views to get a complete picture for any number of your business locations.

Find Out How You Stack Up In Your Industry!
The perfect solution for one, some, or All locations.

Erica Byrum

"Multi-Location analytics allows our clients to know what is going on in every market and quickly take action. All levels of any organization we serve, including corporate stakeholders, applaud these insights to help make well-informed operational improvements to stay ahead of the competition. We’re faster to market, increasing sales, delivering better experiences, and driving scale and consistency with BizBuzz’s Multi-Location management.”