Are Home Advisor Reviews A Scam

Are Home Advisor Reviews A Scam

Home Advisor is a great resource for homeowners looking to hire professionals for their home repair, maintenance, and remodeling needs. Users can find pre-verified local professionals, check out their past projects, request quotes, and book appointments. If you provide any of these services, you can leverage the platform to advertise your business and attract more customers.

While it appears that many contractors and homeowners trust Home Advisor, the company hasn't been free from controversies. Not too long ago, hundreds of contractors moved to institute a class action against the company because of their 'defective, deceptive, and fraudulent business model. These accusations beg the question, 'are reviews on Home Advisor trustworthy?'

Pros and cons of home advisor

The answer to whether home advisor reviews are trustworthy or not will remain subjective. As a contractor, you should be more concerned about the potential risks and benefits of using Home Advisor to market your business. Below are some of the pros and cons of using Home Advisor:


Good for businesses that are just starting: Home Advisor can be a great tool for you if you're just starting out. It gives you a strong online presence that would normally take you many months or years to build. Many contractors have used the platform to attract their first set of clients and then leverage the referrals and reviews the clients provide to grow their business.

Easy to manage: Managing your Home Advisor account as a contractor is almost stress-free. All you have to do is set up your account and follow up on relevant leads. If you aren't available to take on projects, you can turn off the leads and turn it back on whenever you're ready to go again. 

You can choose the jobs you want: Home Advisor allows contractors to niche down as much as they want to. If you specialize in bathroom remodeling, you can still choose to deal with only bathtubs. This ensures you only get leads for the jobs you want.


  • The platform can be quite expensive, especially when you consider the potential ROI.
  • Contractors regularly complain about receiving several bad leads
  • Signing Home Advisor's Terms of Service essentially entails giving up some rights to your brand

Final verdict: Is Home Advisor a rip-off?

Home Advisor can be a useful tool for contractors that are just starting. However, with their questionable marketing practices, you shouldn't rely solely on them. Instead, you can include the platform as part of your overall marketing strategy. As you're using Home Advisor, you should consult with a digital marketing expert that can help you establish your online presence and attract quality leads. Status 75 is one of the best in the business.

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Are Home Advisor Reviews A Scam
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Are Home Advisor Reviews A Scam Are Home Advisor Reviews A Scam